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Pets and perfectly clean house – mission possible

Pets at homeOnce you have any pets at home, they become part of the family, for sure. However, sometimes they turn the house upside down and that requires something to be done urgently. Here are some useful tips for a perfectly clean home:

  • Get special features – specify a corner where the cat or the dog to sleep. Monitor your pet and see where it goes most often to have rest. So place there a basket with cushion or small mat – so you not only ‘define’ its own place but also restrict the perimeter for eyebrow uprooting of hairs;

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How safe is your home?

How safe is your homeHave you ever asked yourself – how healthy is your home? To have a healthy home does not include only high level of hygiene that we try to achieve performing the usual daily cleaning chores. It is much more. Have you ever thought – are all household items safe for you and your family. I bet, you haven’t because it is difficult for most of the people even to believe that the common items mentioned below could be hazardous for your health. Check them out and decide for yourself: Continue reading

Dusting or vacuuming – which one comes first?

Dusting or vacuumingProbably, you are sick and tired to wipe dust from the furniture, every floor and accessories at your home. And then the dust ‘builds up’ again with instantaneous speed. If you want to win this constant and unequal battle, you need a special strategy. But which one comes first – dusting or vacuuming? Well, the answer is: dust and after that – vacuum. Allergens and some small particles float in the air and make you sneeze. To stop that, you should wipe the surfaces with a microfiber duster or a damp cloth, so it will trap the dust. Vacuuming afterwards will just help to remove any dirt, which has remained. How to dust (and vacuum) effectively? Here are a few advices for you:

– Change the rack underwear weekly – your bed is the major source of dust. To minimize the damage, change bed linen at least once a week. You must fold the sheets used carefully, however, to reduce the spread of the dust around.
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10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for May

10 housekeeping chores for MayMay is almost over, but you still have enough time to perform your household duties for this month. If you do not know what to start with, you can simply follow our simple and 100% working checklist. Here are the most important and necessary tasks you have to follow in order to make your house shine and become neater than ever. So, are you ready for these 10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for month of May?

Prepare your al fresco living environment for the upcoming heat, garden party and summer sunbathing at the outdoors. Get the furniture polished, disinfected and finely ordered. Also, see if your yard needs some cutting.

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Simple sanitising for men in 7 steps

Cleaning for menMost men hate domestic cleaning and they are sure that this is female job. There are some exceptions and sometimes it happens to meet a man who is trained to perform routine household chores. Mostly these are persons, who are taught to sanitise by their mothers when they were little kids. It’s just great to know such organised male creatures, because they will welcome you in a neat and tidy living area. There you will spend a good time together, without looking messy shelves and layers of dust.

This article is appropriate for men who are beginners in sanitising, but they do want to change something. If you live alone, check out this simple sanitising tutorial, where we have gathered 7 easy steps, appropriate for men: Continue reading