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Dangers from regular sleep deprivation

Regular sleep deprivationEverybody knows that sleep means health and energy, so it’s very important to get enough sleep. Check out what dangers the lack of sleep hides and take the necessary measures.

# Sleep deprivation results in increased anxiety and even depression.

# Even if it looks strange, systematic lack of sleep leads to gaining weight. Blood pressure is increased and diabetes may be provoked. The reason is that the body produces more insulin in chronic sleep deprivation, because blood glucose increases from the inability to be fully utilized. Excess insulin leads to accumulation of fat and from there the road to obesity and hypertension becomes quite direct. Impaired glucose tolerance, which is consequence of sleep loss, is a precursor to diabetes.

# Sound sleep is a guarantee for long-term storage of the body and visible young appearance. Chronic lack of sleep makes us look older. Even the spring cleaning experts know that.

# Everyone knows from personal experience that a person is tired, irritable, with poor concentration and memory when we miss enough sleep. So systematic wakefulness beyond measure eventually deteriorate our relations with colleagues, family, makes us more incapacitated and prone to errors in work. Even professional maids need enough sleep to be productive and successful.

# Do not forget that chronic lack of sleep is particularly dangerous to drive. Fatal crashes are difficult to be calculated. The problem with fatigue and lack of sleep is something that professional drivers know perfectly.

# Insufficient sleep affects very badly immunity until it collapses catastrophically.

# In a sleepless night the release of the chemical dopamine increases. It leads to increased motivation and positivism, but briefly. The bad thing is that there is a risk of addiction, impulsive behavior strengthens and increases our tendency to risk.

So sleep for health, for fun, for better vitality. Time spent in bed is not a series of vainly lost hours in which we could do something more useful, but an absolute necessity.

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