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Summer Is Coming – Follow These Tips And Get In Shape

Get in Shape for SummerSummer is so close and everyone wants to look good. However, some efforts are needed. Learn more:

  • Reduce food – in winter the body builds up a protective layer of fat that is released in the summer. If the consumed food is in the same high volume, excess food can not be absorbed, and it is possible to gain weight. It is very important not to overeat. This is easily accomplished by pouring half of the amount of what you eat normally. You will feel hungry the first 2-3 days. Eventually your body will only adapt to new conditions.
  • Eat more raw foods and limit carbohydrates – in summer there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, which can be added to your daily menu. Try to limit sugar and sweet pastries. Grab a chocolate only if you perform your end of tenancy cleaning on your own. It will be a reward and stimulus.
  • Eat slowly – in today’s hectic life we ​​can not say that we eat properly. Fast foods, convenience foods, stuffing, restaurants offering fast food – all this is unnatural for us. Avoid eating under stress or when you are nervous, because you can take greater quantity that is necessary, and subsequently you will feel heaviness and fatigue. Chew long enough to help more easily to digest and absorb food from your body. Concentration and slow chewing will make you feel the time when to stop eating.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – water helps to reduce appetite and helps for elimination of toxins. The optimal amount of fluids may be obtained by multiplying your weight by the number 0.03. Note that in summer, due to the warm weather, we lose more water and our body needs 2 to 3 liters each day. Clever trick is to postpone nutrition for later with a glass of water.
  • Exercise – exercise is the best tool for tightening the figure and improving metabolism, which reduces excess weight. With a lack of movement muscles languish and relax. Good effect gives the combination of exercises morning and evening. Don’t forget, that instead of calling the professional carpet cleaners, you can do some exercise and perform the household chore on your own.

If you show some goodwill, you will look great in your summer clothes.

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