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Is It Possible To Work On A Desk And Stay Fit?

Stay fit at workMost people spend their day working on a computer and sitting behind the desk. As a result, they feel back pain, they have tired eyes and so on. However, there are some rules, that will help you to stay fit. Check them out:  

  • Walk to work. If your office is less than 40 minutes walk from your home, why not? If not, and you are forced to catch public transportation or drive your car, get off one stop in forward or park your car at 200- 300 meters. Walking is the easiest and most natural way to maintain muscles, breathing, blood circulation. Furthermore, it is the way to get some inspiration and to listen to some music, to enjoy the weather. All that gives us vitality. By the way, instead of relying on expert domestic cleaning services, do all the housekeeping chores on your own.
  • At work do not take the elevator, climb stairs by foot. With elevators you save two or three moments official time, but do not choose easier and lazier way. Climbing stairs strengthens buttocks.
  • Look around your workplace. Is it ergonomically shaped or not? What is the height of the chair? Do you feel that you often cross your legs or put forward forcefully? The knees should be bent at 90 degrees, to relieve pressure. The monitor must be on the height of the eyes, to avoid having to lean your head. Distance from the chest to the desk is 10 to 15 cm, not to bend your back.
  • Weekends are for active rest, really active. The essence of the holiday is to do what you don’t do during the other time. In other words – if you sit at the desk for two hours, take 15 minutes and use them for exercise and exhilaration. Lunch, especially if the weather is great, go for a quick walk around or through the building to a nearby restaurant for a snack, or coffee shop. Perhaps the tenancy cleaners also follow this rule.

Remember to maintain the balance in your life and everything will be fine. Every extremity is not recommended.

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