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Laughter Therapy – Useful And Pleasant

Laughter TherapyIn laughter therapy is important the main therapeutic agent – which is of course laughter. Laughter therapy has long been recognized by psychologists as an active and efficient method of work with people with problems with emotions, mental and physical health. Are you interested to read more about its features?

  • Fundamental property of laughter is the overall tone of the body. The degree of refreshing from one minute of laughter is equivalent to jogging tour in the park or a 45 minute exercise. When we laugh, we activate about 80 different muscles and tendons. Sliding shoulders expand the chest and the diaphragm vibrates.
  • Casual laughter is like aerobics for the heart. The pulse quickens, blood circulates more enhanced, plus redness on the cheeks gives us a fresh look. Ten minutes continuous laughing is equivalent to two hours healthy sleep. Laughter therapy is not particularly useful for people who are on a diet, because it increases appetite. But it is also a tool to combat stress. Another anti stress tool is domestic cleaning, you know that.
  • Laughter relieves chronic arthritic pain and increases endorphin levels. You can easily illustrate this by doing an experiment with yourself. The next time you stop laughing and wiping tears from your eyes, do introspection of your body – how do you feel? You will find that your body is surprisingly relaxed. It is exactly that ease which is opposed to chronic pain.
  • Laughter therapy is directly related to effects on the immune system. There is a new scientific field – psychoneuroimmunology – which studies the relationship between the spiritual condition and health, the relationship between body and mind. So, go out with funny friends, watch comedies – request professional cleaning services and you will have enough time for these activities.
  • Moreover – you could say that microbes literally die of laughter. So laugh loudly with ha-ha! Do it for treatment and prevention. This is one of the few drugs that are not paid and distributed without a prescription. But beware – there are side effects – laughter purifies and rejuvenates the body, improves performance, reduces stress, you recover quickly after a strong emotional or physical stress.

Laughter therapy is amazing, right? Practice it with friends for greater effect!

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