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Housekeeping helps you quit smoking

Quit smokingAbout 50% of people’s initial attempts to quit smoking end up with failure. There are numerous explanations about this regularity. Some of them are weak will, lack of motivation, too dynamic and nervous lifestyle and etc. It also turned out that women tend to fail in quitting smoking more often than males. Fortunately, you have us – our best housekeeping and housewives’ tips for better living. Wondering how exactly we and our household subjects can help you? Well, as a matter of fact, housekeeping helps you quit smoking. See how:

  • You do love your house, don’t you? And you are one of those females, who prefer spending money on household items and decors, right? Well, take aside the cigarette amount of money every day in a jar. Empty it every month and buy what your house and you need – a Chinese set of plates, a costly Antique-styled decor and whatever you want!
  • Keep yourself busy. Maybe, now, when you have stopped smoking, you can finally disinfect the sanitary premises. Indeed, up to know you had no time for doing this. Though, today, you gain an extra 2 free hours. Instead of smoking, invest them in some useful things.
  • Speaking of usefulness, engage yourself with making good. Yes, you have read it correctly. Imagine how nicer you will feel, when you help someone. It does taste better than a cigarette, right? Try with looking after your neighbour’s small kid. Or offer your help for the end of rental cleaning that your sister is about to handle.
  • Find a replacement of your favourite ash-trays. Yes, in past you used to love collecting them. But aren’t you bored enough to go on storing some stupid ash-trays. Try with something new. Collect antique plates or Vintage-styled kitchen items!
  • Strike a balance. Remember how much you loved your Persian rug. You vacuumed it on time. You also never forgot about the regular visitations by the local steam carpet cleaners. But everything just ruined and went to hell, when you dropped your cigarette on the fluffy rug! So, does the cigarette actually make your life nicer?

We are sure you will make it. For your own good and for your house good condition, too!

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