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4 wonderful ways to surprise a friend

4 wonderful ways to surprise a friendEvery woman has at least one best friend. People share their happy and sad moments with their best pals. It’s great to have a good friend to spend some time with after a hard day at work; to work out together; to gossip; to ask for a piece of advice. Have you ever made a lovely surprise to your fellow without a special occasion? If not, check out some original suggestions for great surprises: Continue reading

The biggest advantages about getting older

The biggest advantages about getting olderDo you remember the time when you were really happy to celebrate your birthday and to grow up with one more year? Maybe now it’s not the same thing. But wait a second! Midlife can be just as satisfying as the first half of life, perhaps even more. In this article you can find some irrefutable evidence, that getting older is sometimes a good thing:

  • With midlife you can welcome the upcoming inner peace.

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4 cool facts about dads

4 cool facts about dadsThere is no doubt, that both the mother and the father play essential role in child’s life. They work together for one purpose – to raise an educated, confident and responsible person. It’s just wonderful when children live in harmony with both parents. In this article, we have gathered some interesting and cool facts about dads. Check them out right now: Continue reading

Edward Scissorhands – spectacular dance and music performance

Edward Scissorhands - spectacular dance and music performanceLondon is famous with its cultural life, everybody knows that. Every single day, there are so many shows, musicals, theatre plays, ballets, that there is no way to be bored, that is guaranteed. The time around Christmas holidays is even more saturated with amazing show programs. In this article, we have picked for you a delightful dance adaptation, called “Edward Scissorhands”. Check out some more detailed information! Continue reading

Winter is coming, make your home cozier

Winter is coming, make your home cozier It’s almost winter and you need to make home improvements? Concentrate on a fireplace image and see what you can do to transfer part of its coziness right in front of you.

    • Keep the cold outside. Start with the drafts from the door. Use draft stopper to put behind the door. It looks like snake that has swallowed rolled carpet. You can find them in the stores in different patterns. There are also special ones for children’s room – with animal head in the end and matching “body” coloration.

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Are you DIY-master?

Are you DIY-masterWho was the first DIY-master? Have you ever wondered about it? And do we have to take it like something very special when someone decides to build something on their own? Our ancestors have no other choice but to do everything on their own, so why it is so amazing today? Do you have the traits or the will to become DIY master? See for yourself what’s needed. Continue reading