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How to find the hidden talent of your child

How to find the hidden talent of your childHow old is your child? If he or she is between 3 and 5 years old, then that’s the perfect time to find the hidden talent of your little fellow. Some kids show interests in music or painting and other – in sport or art. Fortunately, if it turns out that some kids are not just interested in things, but that’s a good sign enough that they’re talented. Continue reading

How to make lemon candles

How-to-make-lemon-candlesYou often drink a cup of herbal tea with a lemon slice, especially during the winter months. You know that lemon juice is beneficial because it helps you to fight the cold. And what about the lemon scent? It is fresh and leaves a great feeling of cosiness throughout your home. If you like that fragrance, then you should read on. Here is our simple idea on how to make lemon candles: Continue reading

How to eliminate pomegranate stains with yoghurt

Eliminate pomegranate stainsPomegranate seeds are well-known for their multiple health benefits and sweet, crunchy taste. Unfortunately, when it comes to opening the fruit and removing those tiny, little seeds, it’s not a simple task to avoid squirting the juice all over your clothes. Be more careful if you do this and yet, if it happens to mess up your clothes, don’t panic. Try this little-known, but quite effective method. It will help you deal with pomegranate stains in just a few simple steps. Continue reading

Important features of every Italian home

Italian styleLuxurious, chic and glamorous – that is what Italian interior style is. If you want to get close to the Mediterranean atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, then you should be aware of some essential details. We have summarised them for you:

  • Amplify the feel of Italy, by adding to the interior curtains in pastel colors, crocheted bright tablecloths and elegant brass lamps. Bright marble is typical of the Mediterranean style. Of course, the marble columns in the flat are absolutely irrelevant, but the exquisite figurines and vases are very good addition to your interior. Open spaces are a significant feature of Italian homes as well. They will bring lots of daylight inside;

Continue reading

Popular healthy eating alternatives

Popular healthy eating alternativesWe all want to be slim, good-looking and in great health. But what we do to achieve that? Are you from the people, that dream and dream and visit the gym just sometimes? Well, gym is just one side of the equation; the other is the food you eat. Think about your diet as it was initially – eating regime. Think what you’re regime includes and check out the recommended healthy list below: Continue reading

Hot news for movie fans: The BFI London Film Festival

The BFI London Film FestivalOne of the most massive, intriguing and outstanding cinema events in London is about to begin soon! Do not miss the stellar BFI London Film Festival, which will give you a chance to satisfy your movie mania with the best titles and special events. The fest celebrates the cinema industry in London, Great Britain once again. Londoners, who have been already part of this spectacular program, will be definitely there again! If you are movie and film lover, too, BFI London Film Festival isn’t something you can be apologised to miss! Here are some more details about the event: Continue reading

Follow these tips and don’t suffer from autumn fatigue!

Autumn fatigueBeing distant relatives to bears, we still remember some of their natural routines when the weather gets cold. Many of us start feeling unexpected lack of energy and uncontrollable attraction toward bed. This tiredness reflects all our life and although it is not dangerous in general, the constant lowered performance in any area can bring melancholy and even some form of depression. How to get rid of it? Here are a couple of things you can do: Continue reading

Organise a gallery wall in your sweet home!

Organise a gallery wallWall bedecked with many paintings, photographs and even mirrors can be a real showcase of art! It will immediately become a stunning accent in the decoration of your home. In order to organise a nice gallery wall, you need to arrange your pictures/photos carefully. Pay attention to the layout of the composition, when you already have all the artwork available. Basically, the idea is the wall to look like you have been adding the new pictures/photos with the passage of time. Still you should have them in advance. Here are a few helpful tips: Continue reading

Make the kid’s room studying-friendly

Make the kid's room studying-friendlySince the school days are coming, you can start organising a new studying space for your kids. Imagine their excitement of having a bright and lively, looking good place where they will spend hours doing their homework – this will certainly encourage their achievements. But of course if you want to boost your kid’s creativity, you should boost your own first. So check out the amazing and interesting ideas how to make the perfect studying area for your child. Continue reading

If you have talent, paint on your ceiling

Paint on your ceilingCeiling is important for the overall look of your place. Attention of the owners is usually focused on the walls and their style. While ceiling can be the centre of attention. Most people paint their ceiling with white or pale colour. But this big space can be used to express owner’s artistry! Check out our tips in this line of thoughts: Continue reading