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Staircase decorations you can do alone

Staircase decorations you can do aloneAre you bored from your stairs? Do you want to move them a bit? There are a couple of simple things that you can do without re furnishing the whole hall. And once you see these you will probably come out with more ideas. Now see what is meant here:

  • Ombre stairs. Use consecutive colours from one palette as much as your stairs are. If you have more stairs than the shades in the palette, paint them in groups, not one by one. This way you will keep the effect and won’t spend a day wandering around the paint shops. Use two types of brushes: small angular for the outer lines and bigger one for the filling.

  • Wallpaper on the floor. Well, not exactly, you can make the staircase almost invisible if you cover the backside of the stairs with the same wallpaper as the wall, only the stepping part will be visible and from some angles it will look like you are stepping on steps in the air. You may use left pieces and tape instead of glue. Remove the bubbles with a smoother and trim the extra paper. Finish with acrylic spray against scratches.
  • Chalkboard backs. “Tabula raza” for working minds. Put board on the back of your stairs and you can get new message or decoration every time you want to go up. Quotes, little figures or something else. Whatever pops in your mind or in your children’s heads is a good idea. For this idea, better have wooden stairs and use damp cloth to erase the writings when you want a change, other way carpet cleaning will become daily routine.
  • “Stairway to heaven.” Paint the back in dark blue, choose your favorite tone of the night sky and stick plastic luminescent stars and planets. Every climbing will turn into space trip.
  • Mosaic mirrors. There are tiles in the shops, that are composed of mini blocks, there are different kinds but those made of mirrors will look extremely interesting on your stairs. They are not smooth and this helps light reflection to be different in every centimeter. To apply them you will need tile cutter and glue. Such a decoration may add some more work to your domestic cleaners but for sure it will look fabulous.

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