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Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues

Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issuesKeeping your exterior horrible and skipping all the patio problems are top mistakes we do every day. And it is so easy to prove it! Just take a walk among your home town street and see the lawn of your neighbours! Then, see your own grass condition. Are you sure it is ok? Don’t you think that it is high time for you to deal with the lawn problems you have? For this purpose, see the following efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues:

  • No grass under the tree. There might be a problem for your lawn to come up, if a large tree with a big head is above. Use this space for some plants that love shadow.
  • Your patio is located on a slope. This is another reason for the grass not to come up. Though, you can deal with this situation by calling professional gardeners, who will nourish the soil and the grass will appear.
  • Too many weeds might be reduced with herbicide. Apply some in the beginning of both – spring and autumn season. These seasons are ideal for window cleaning, by the way.
  • A lawn with bare patches is also not a great idea to put on display even from the outside of your house. Deal with this issue by scratching the patches with ground rake. Now, you can apply the seed.
  • Brown spots on the lawn are also typical unpleasant sides of the home patio. Put an end to them by minimising the shade and with some proper fertilisation.
  • The gray and dotted spots aren’t cute signs on the lawn, either. You will need some fungicide here!
  • The orange pustules on blades can be removed, if you fertilise and moisturise the lawn regularly. It depends on the climate of your region, as well as, of the closeness to a big traffic and dirtied city.
  • Fairy rings are the worst patches you can meet in your own lawn. Aerate the lawn to avoid them. Though, if they have already appeared, keep the patio too wet for about 5 days and they will be gone.

Follow our pieces of advice and have your lawn always in a perfect condition!

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