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Lemon Juice And Your Hair

Beauty benefits of lemon

Lemons are not only aromatic and delicious part of our diet. They also have wide spectrum of implementations in cosmetics and house work. There are a couple of “grandma’s tricks” to make this fruits work for your hair.

  • Dilute it! Lemon juice is very strong acid and you should mix it with water before using it on your skin or hair. Diluting will reduce the irritation when you apply mask or other cosmetic substance on any part of your body.
  • Dry up. If you have oily hair, add a cup of orange juice to water-lemon juice mixture. When you spray the hair with it, it will reduce the feeling of greasiness.
  • Clear head. Submerge your hair in lemon residue if you want to get rid of the consolidated deposits on the hair and the scalp; this equals to your home being treated by domestic cleaners Hampstead no more external germs and bacteria. For double effect you can drink half glass of lemon juice to remove the toxins from the body.
  • Shiny and strong. Egg yolk, henna and lemon juice can do this to your hair. Mix these ingredients and apply them on your scalp. Leave it to dry for two hours and then wash with warm but not hot water.
  • Instead of colorant. Lemon juice is well known to be able to dye your hair (if it’s not black). Mix lemon juice and water in proportion four to one and spray your hair with that liquid every day. You will look like a Californian girl! Add dish soap to this and you can bleach your white cotton rugs as good as the carpet cleaning services Hampstead do it.

Lemons have countless applications in our day. If you have some more left, fresh lemonade is a great end-of-the-day drink.

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