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The Secret Of A Graceful Gait

Good posture walkingFacial care is not limited to smooth skin, flawless makeup and well-chosen clothes. Consider what can make you turn your head, if you only glimpse a woman with peripheral vision and you could not see all those details. Of course, the answer is the graceful gait. It is the first thing others notice in us, but usually we do not even think about it. When we face the mirror as statues, we often have very unrealistic idea how we look in action.

  • Indeed, the beautiful gait means much more than the correct position of the spine. So we must be careful about our posture. During upholstery cleaning, however, our back won’t be straight enough, but it’s only temporary.
  • You can not remember how to achieve it? Raise your shoulders as much as possible higher, and then drag them back. Then relax, but not too much. Behold, this is the correct figure. However, you should be able to keep it and during movement. Very important is the position of the feet too. Toes and heels is good to have one line.
  • To strengthen the spine. At the beginning of the effort to keep your spine straight, will cost you fatigue and tension. The reason for it is that your body is so used to the hunched posture that although unhealthy and uncomfortable for it, it is more natural. This, however, can be overcome with daily stretching of the spine. No need to set aside a special time for this, it is enough to do it after awakening, as cats. Perhaps your end of tenancy cleaners also do it at home.
  • With a book on your head. This is a classic method for improving gait, which is taught in the best ballet schools.

Remember that gait is not only a way of moving, but your business card. Whether you’re tired or in a bad mood, try to keep your back straight, shoulders back, head up and legs parallel.

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