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Would you choose jet black for your home interior?

Black accents in your home interiorMost commonly, the black colour is associated with darkness, fear, depression, etc. But that is not the right point of view! Black can cause positive emotions as well. The most important is its rational use, as well as the correct combining with other colours. Would you choose jet black for your home interior? If yes, then take a look at our pieces of advice:

  • Jet black in the foyer and hallway is not desirable, as these areas are quite dark and devoid of light. However, if there is enough light and the walls are bright, then you can use some decorative items or furniture in black. The black cabinet, for example, is suitable for the hall, but don’t forget to add bright coloured elements to it. You can put a white porcelain vase or a bowl;
  • The living room is a place for relaxation, entertainment and welcoming your guests. There shouldn’t be much black included in the interior. However, black leather sofa, black coffee table, and even black chandelier – all of them look elegant and classy;
  • Surprisingly, jet black might make the bedroom look interesting and mysterious, especially if the walls are bright. Black bed and bedside tables are luxurious and even romantic. This type of furniture, however, requires additional maintenance and regular cleaning;
  • The home office is the place where you can use jet black without hesitation. That colour will help you set to work, focus on the ongoing issues and even find the best solution. Black desk looks stylish and strict, but don’t forget to add some colourful items to it, so they will ‘load’ you with good mood;
  • Black is rarely used in the kitchen because many people prefer brighter colours. But if you like classics and severity, jet black will help you achieve the desired result. In case you live in a house rental, then you can diversify the interior by including black pots and decorations. If you are not allowed to make any general repairs, you shouldn’t be disappointed. At least, it means easier end of lease cleaning;
  • Jet black may be included in the bathroom, primarily in the form of details and decorative elements. For example, a black framed mirror looks very impressive. You can try to use the combination of black and silver – that ‘alliance’ looks luxurious and classy.

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