Hot news for movie fans: The BFI London Film Festival

The BFI London Film FestivalOne of the most massive, intriguing and outstanding cinema events in London is about to begin soon! Do not miss the stellar BFI London Film Festival, which will give you a chance to satisfy your movie mania with the best titles and special events. The fest celebrates the cinema industry in London, Great Britain once again. Londoners, who have been already part of this spectacular program, will be definitely there again! If you are movie and film lover, too, BFI London Film Festival isn’t something you can be apologised to miss! Here are some more details about the event:

  • The BFI London Film Festival celebrates its 58th birthday. The annual movie event will be specially spiced with the presence of one of the most popular Hollywood stars. Actors and actresses like Keira Knightley, Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch have come to London for the event and will even take some parts in its exclusive interviews, acting courses and workshops.
  • Expect about 16 world movie premiers from both – International and European cinema industry. Also, the most beloved movie titles will be broadcasted on the available open air cinema lobbies. According to the organizers, the event will include about 245 films and they will cover all genres – including documentary and fiction masterpieces.
  • When? – The BFI London Film Festival will take part from 8th to 19th of October 2014 year. These are 12 days of movie-styled nights and evenings to spend with beloved people and in front of glamorous indoor and outdoor screenings.
  • Where? – the BFI London Film Festival will be held on the Belvedere Road, Southbank, but lots of the local theatres will be included in the event with premiers or special packs of tickets for retro movies, too!
  • Do not miss the ice of the cake! The festival will be closed with the world premiere of David Ayer’s Second World War drama ‘Fury’, where the legendary Brad Pitt is starring.
  • Prices – The price for a film will be from 6-10 pounds, while kids will pay 7 pounds. The Galas and Special Screenings will be with tickets that will cost 19-25 pounds. The master classes for acting will cost you 15 pounds.

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