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Popular healthy eating alternatives

Popular healthy eating alternativesWe all want to be slim, good-looking and in great health. But what we do to achieve that? Are you from the people, that dream and dream and visit the gym just sometimes? Well, gym is just one side of the equation; the other is the food you eat. Think about your diet as it was initially – eating regime. Think what you’re regime includes and check out the recommended healthy list below:

  • Chicken soup. Soup can replace a bowl of pasta and give you benefits – hot liquid for cold months, less calories and easy digestible.
  • Fruits and nuts mix. Not that you cannot find them in the supermarket but making them yourself will let you control tastes and ingredients. Dried fruits are rich in natural sugar and vitamins and nuts give important oils and minerals that help your body adopt the vitamins. Avoid peanuts. You can get most benefits from flax, blueberries, sunflower, hemp pumpkin, almonds, cherries, banana, cranberries, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, cashews.
  • Boiled eggs. In a sandwich or on its own, a boiled egg is better than fried. It has only up to 90 kcal and it can easily calm down your hunger.
  • Eggplant instead meat. Underestimated this vegetable can bring you a lot of positives. Slice it before cooking, pour salt on every slice and leave it for an hour to remove the toxins. You can use the time before the cooking for carpet sanitising or other useful activity. After the hour has passed, wash the slices and start cooking the receipt you have in mind.
  • Rice cake. They have great variety of tastes and are light replacement of chips and sweets.
  • Tortilla from lettuce. Wrap your favorite meat and vegetables mix in leaf of lettuce instead of tortilla bread. It will reduce the calories and will help your stomach to digest the food more fully.
  • Turkey versus beef. Less fat makes the turkey better alternative to a beef. You can use it in meals, sandwiches, salads and so on.
  • Chicken sausages. You can eat them from breakfast till dinner. You can put them in pasta, soup or on bun. Make the end of lease cleaners happy by providing plate with roasted chicken sausages, bread and tomatoes and cucumber slices, it will be great work food.
  • Bake instead of fry chicken. Who doesn’t know that frying is bad? Chicken will remain the same just without the unhealthy fat from the oil.



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