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How to create the ultimate ‘homework station’ for your kids

Homework stationMany interior designers claim that the kid’s room should be in the same style you have chosen for the entire home. But as the child grows and changes, so his/her room must undergo some changes, too.  For example, when he/she is already a student, you should organise a ‘homework station’. Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate one:

  • How to choose the desk? Well, that depends on your kid’s age. For small children, it is advisable to choose a large corner desk with more drawers. Your child could store all his/her school supplies and materials there. Plan some space for the computer as well. However, the big kids have different needs compared to the younger ones. So it would be more practical to replace the classic desk with an ordinary table. When some friends come over for a visit, it could be turned into a party table;
  • Where to place the desk? The most inappropriate location is against the window. Your children will distract for a variety of reasons, looking through it. The ideal place for the desk is against the wall, but near to the natural light. For the kids who write with the right hand, natural light should fall on the left side of the desk. For left-handed people, it is the opposite. In addition, make sure you run window cleaning at least once a week;
  • The correct body posture during learning and working with computer is very important for the health and pupil’s concentration. The choice of the desk and chair must comply with certain ergonomic requirements. Professionals in the furniture store will certainly be aware of them and will help you;
  • Clear the clutter daily! Although we have heard about the concept of ‘creative chaos’ we think that some basic habits, regarding organising and house sanitising are very important. That will make the child more responsible, which will certainly be helpful for the future successful life realization.
  • Last but not the least, think about achieving maximum convenience! In this respect, movable shelves with many lockers are quite useful, because books may be arranged as in the library and can be easily found, when it’s needed.

For the great joy of your kids, it is a good idea to place a clock on the desk. According to the psychologists, that will help them organise their time for learning and rest well. Providing a box of pencils and pens is very important. And why not include various types of decorations, such as small plush toys, vases with flowers or framed pictures?

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