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Important features of every Italian home

Italian styleLuxurious, chic and glamorous – that is what Italian interior style is. If you want to get close to the Mediterranean atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, then you should be aware of some essential details. We have summarised them for you:

  • Amplify the feel of Italy, by adding to the interior curtains in pastel colors, crocheted bright tablecloths and elegant brass lamps. Bright marble is typical of the Mediterranean style. Of course, the marble columns in the flat are absolutely irrelevant, but the exquisite figurines and vases are very good addition to your interior. Open spaces are a significant feature of Italian homes as well. They will bring lots of daylight inside;

  • When it comes to the bedroom, it must be romantic and super stylish. The colourful motifs are suitable decorative element. It could be beautiful wallpapers, sheets with large flowers, butterflies or birds (symbols of love and tenderness) or just a vase with colourful bouquet, placed in a central location in the room. You may get creative, even if you live in a house rental. However, you should pick such decorations that won’t cause you any difficulties when you move out and use tenancy cleaning services.
  • In Italy, furniture is usually simple, structured and functional. You are free to make experiments though. When it comes to furnishing the living room, for instance, you may come up with a single chair, totally different armchair, ceramic table and various decorative pillows;
  • Wallpaper with rich patterns is one of the most characteristic sights of the Italian interior design. Furthermore, since the emphasis on the walls is considerable, it is enhanced by the murals and wooden frames and panels, Venetian decorative plaster, etc. The most popular type of flooring is mosaics. And the second popular one is carpeting. In spite of the deep carpet cleaning required from time to time, placing a luxurious carpet would be a great decision for your living room, bedroom, etc.;

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