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Home overhaul and cleaning afterwards – guidelines and tips

Home renovation and cleaningHome repairs are the worst nightmare of many housekeepers all around the world. Maybe you have survived at least one reconstruction process in your life and you perfectly know the entire chaos at home. The deeper the overhaul, the harder the cleaning process afterwards. After the renovation procedures, all you see is a construction site. There are remains of glue, plaster, stains of paint and industrial dust. The windows are hazy, because of the dust layers, the toilet and the bathroom premises are repulsive. Actually, the only way to get out of this tricky maze is to undertake thorough sanitising session. In order to help you with the checklist of tasks, here are some valuable guidelines. Follow them and discover the real beauty of your renovated home area:

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Simple sanitising for men in 7 steps

Cleaning for menMost men hate domestic cleaning and they are sure that this is female job. There are some exceptions and sometimes it happens to meet a man who is trained to perform routine household chores. Mostly these are persons, who are taught to sanitise by their mothers when they were little kids. It’s just great to know such organised male creatures, because they will welcome you in a neat and tidy living area. There you will spend a good time together, without looking messy shelves and layers of dust.

This article is appropriate for men who are beginners in sanitising, but they do want to change something. If you live alone, check out this simple sanitising tutorial, where we have gathered 7 easy steps, appropriate for men: Continue reading

Hiring an expert maid – some reasons why?

Hire a professional maidNowadays, life is tense and stressful. People have numerous responsibilities – they work all day long, they raise families and they have exciting hobbies. Somehow we succeed in maintaining the equilibrium in our busy everyday schedule, but when it comes to sanitising, the picture is not so pink. You know that household chores never end and there is always something that has to be improved. Usually, you come back after work and the last thing you want to do is to clean and wipe. Thus, filth and clutter gather and during weekends you are overloaded with house work.

Have you ever considered the idea to hire a professional maid? Cleaning companies offer lucrative quotations and wide range of sanitising packages. It will be very useful to rely on expert cleaner, who will maintain high level of hygiene on regular basis. In this article, you will find some of the main advantages of hiring an experienced maid for your sweet home. Continue reading and be informed on the topic: Continue reading

Silverware easy cleaning with aluminium foil and salt

How to clean silverwareSilverware is stylish and classy, everybody likes it. When you serve your dinner in silverware, the feeling is really special. Actually when it comes to silver plate, this reminds me Christmas time when I was a kid. My mom was a great cook and in the Christmas eve she served the dishes in her shiny and elegant silverware. These moments were really precious for me and for my entire family. It was much more delicious to eat with brilliant silver plate.

When I inherited this cutlery, I noticed that it has become a bit darker. Therefore I made a research and I found easy and efficient techniques to return the flawless glossy condition of my valuable silver plate.

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Traditional techniques in carpet cleaning

Traditional techniques in carpet cleaningAchieving domestic tidiness and neatness is not a simple mission. Actually this is a classical mission and target, that most contemporary housekeepers manage every single day. You have to be diligent, careful and the most important – persistent. Thus you will reach the wanted home perfection and coziness. Last, but not least, you must have an eye for details.

For instance carpet cleaning is a standard sanitising task, demanding cleaning efforts and time. You must not put up with stains and filth and skipping carpet disinfecting is not recommended. In fact your carpet is the favourite place of dust mites and different bugs. Its hygienic maintenance is crucial in order to achieve home cleanness and freshness. Continue reading

Dish washing machine – do you really have to buy this thing?

Dish washing machineModern world offers customers numerous types of kitchen appliances. They are specially designed to make your life of housekeeper much easier. All tasks are executed faster and with less efforts from your side. Let’s discuss one of the most tedious and boring household chores – washing of dirty cutlery. This task has to be performed at least once per day and sometimes a pile of dishes makes us lose our smile. There are numerous pros and cons concerning the purchase of dishwashing machine. Is this really needed or it’s just a whim? Check out our arguments and decide for yourself:

You need dish washing machine, because:

– The biggest argument for purchase of this appliance is that this way washing of dishes is more economical. If you’re thrifty housekeeper you will want to save water either. Using this kitchen appliance will help you about that.

– Dishwashing machine is a real time saver. These days, time is money, so it’s great if you can save some time for yourself or for your beloved people. In other words domestic cleaning will be easier and faster if you possess this gadget. You have just to load it and you have no obligation to watch it while it’s working. Continue reading

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