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The meaning behind your home wall colour

The meaning behind your home wall colourAny colour in the world has its own symbolical meaning. With your personal choice of some shade you actually declare a particular thought, you describe your dreams or you simply report your present mood. So, let’s see the meaning behind your home wall colour. It definitely says lots things about you – even things you couldn’t imagine!

– Red. This colour raises the premise energy by all means. With it, you can easily create an exciting, attractive and fascinating living space. Probably, you are a passionate person, who runs away from boredom and keeps looking for the unknown! Continue reading

Renting with a kid – cleaning tips for dummies

Renting with a kidLiving on rent is a huge challenge, when you are a married person with a kid. Lots of inconveniences may become too annoying for you, while arranging your domestic life in a house that you don’t posses. Besides, the necessity of reckoning with your landlord should be a top priority for you in case you want to preserve the good relationships and the property, too. See our cleaning tips for dummies that are specially tailored for renting with a kid. They are the primary efforts you need to exert during your tenancy life: Continue reading

How to use the ladder in the interior design?

Ladder decorating ideasContemporary interior design ideas adopt different weird things to make your home more attractive, artistic and original. We have come up on some really fascinating, decorating ideas that involve real ladders. Some of them, on other side, are quite practical to be used since they give you an extra storage solution, too.

See how to use the ladder in the interior design and get more of your interior – make it look like a home of a really creative person. Besides, these tips will help you put the ladder somewhere at home – in an adequate way – without wondering how to accommodate all your things in a small living space: Continue reading

Perfect hygiene in the toilette – mission possible

Perfect hygiene in the toiletteSanitary premises are the key priorities in keeping a home fresh, bacteria-free and clean. Though, there are still people, who believe that perfect hygiene in the toilet is difficult to be achieved. Probably, they just don’t know how to do it, because, as a matter of fact it is a total mission possible. By using our simple and budget-friendly guides you can do it, too – have the sparkling, sleek and fresh toilet at home!

  • Give your toilet deep and thorough treatment at least once per 2 months. Use commercial detergents with toxic-free ingredients and always air the premise.

Continue reading

Safety tips for window cleaning

Safety tips for window cleaningThere are so many housekeepers across the entire world, who prefer to wash and tidy up at home on their own – without using extra pro help and without even relying on experts. Well, there is nothing bad in this. On the contrary – there is something extra nice and attractive in the living modesty in this so high-tech world. Though, there are yet things a housekeeper should follow according to the experts’ recommendations – the safety tips! Without them, they may injure themselves or damage some house item. Speaking of these, see our pro safety tips for window cleaning, because they are really important and essential: Continue reading

How to bring soul to your place with vintage accents

How to bring soul to your place with vintage accentsToday most of us have functional appliances in their kitchens, fast cars in the garage and contemporary furnished minimalistic houses. If you are fed up with the same picture every morning you open your eyes, below you can throw a glance at a few ideas how to bring a touch of history, exotics and distinction in your immediate surroundings with the help of vintage assets.

– Kitchen and dining room are the places where we first go in the morning for a cup of coffee and last in the evening to have dinner. A couple of photos in old fashioned frames with vintage effect, i.e. faded or yellowing, on the walls or on shelves will give the space some soul. Continue reading

The carpet – a friend or foe?

The carpet – a friend or foeCarpets are as traditional and regular for home as the furniture. Very few of today’s modern and modest living spaces are with no rugs. No matter how hard some interior designer keeps saying us that carpets are old-fashioned, this is yet everything else, but not the real truth. As a matter of fact, carpets might be always on fashion. The point is, though – whether the carpet is a friend, or foe. Which is more – the benefits or the shortcomings? Find out now, because every story has its two sides, doesn’t it?

  • A friend, because carpet just looks great! No one can actually disagree that a rug can change the entire interior design. We should agree with this – carpet is really friendly, when it comes to redecorating, too.

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How to furnish a sunny beach house

How to furnish a sunny beach houseSummertime! The best time to spend on the beach with a cocktail in hand surrounded by nice company. But to have fulfilling experience you have to find or make a place that will be the generator of your sunny mood and emotions, in other words – the perfect beach house. The best thing to do is to furnish your nest on your own but with what and how and is the beach house more specific in decorating terms than the inland home?

  • What you have? If you have one of those beach houses with big French windows that invite the outdoor space in, than you are lucky. One of the most important things about the beach house is to be sunny and airy all year long. No matter how nice is to stay in the shade in the biggest heat, shady home will probably give your place mould because of the high humidity of the air. You can prevent this with proper airflow and a lot of natural light.

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Staircase decorations you can do alone

Staircase decorations you can do aloneAre you bored from your stairs? Do you want to move them a bit? There are a couple of simple things that you can do without re furnishing the whole hall. And once you see these you will probably come out with more ideas. Now see what is meant here:

  • Ombre stairs. Use consecutive colours from one palette as much as your stairs are. If you have more stairs than the shades in the palette, paint them in groups, not one by one. This way you will keep the effect and won’t spend a day wandering around the paint shops. Use two types of brushes: small angular for the outer lines and bigger one for the filling.

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Cool breeze in domestic conditions

Cool breeze in domestic conditionsWhen the summer comes everybody starts to search two things: cool and shady place and even cooler drink. How can you get the vital cooling? Some of the usual solutions are air conditioner, northern room or vocational escape. One a bit old fashioned but efficient decision is to get an electric fan. What are the main factors in that purchase and are there underwater rocks?

– How big? Bigger ones make stronger wind but depending on the size of the room that you want to cool, some can be too big. You don’t want stiffed neck and headache in the middle of this hot season.

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