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Backpack cleaning supplies for a back up

Backpack cleaning suppliesOk, you might be not the most assiduous housekeeper of all times, but at least you need to be finely equipped for all kinds of situations. This may be quite enough, as a matter of fact, and you will be able to maintain a decent and neat living space. You will be able to react if a stain occurs and you will have enough tools to reduce the mess, when the tidying up process has been recently postponed. Though, for this purpose you need a backpack cleaning supplies for a backup. See what to place in it: Continue reading

Close reading of the tenancy agreement

tenancy agreementWe all have heard that reading the small script is important. If you have moved a couple of times before and you already have a lot of experience, you may think you know all about the tenancy agreement and you don’t need to go through it again and again every time. This kind of thinking is wrong. Although there are some “standard” clauses you can’t be 100% sure that there are not some “uncommon”. Check out our tips and follow them for smooth rental life: Continue reading

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Hampton Court Palace Flower ShowDear friends and lovers of horticultural, your moment has come and you need to hurry up and get to London as soon as possible! The amazing and spectacular Hampton Court Palace Flower Show has returned and will blossom out again in the middle of the hot and funny July! Come and see – and smell – the most wonderful kinds of flowers, as well as other, rare and beautiful botanical species. Do not miss the world’s biggest annual flower event ever – the most awaited and beloved Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. See more details about this fascinating outdoor naturally artistic event: Continue reading

Saving space through organising

Saving space at homeOften we have problems storing our “material history”. The piles of books, clothes, CD’s, pictures, postcards usually don’t get smaller in time, just the opposite indeed. No matter how big is our home, some more storage space is always welcome. How to find it without taking down walls?

  • Look around you for empty angle – although it may seem useless there are many things you can do with it. Special pieces of furniture are designed for these parts of the room – angle closets, cabinets and so on. If you don’t think to refurnish you can put plant, vase or standard lamp. All depends on the space and what you need in the room.

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Fast home improvements

Home improvementHave you ever been in that place when you want to do something to feel better in your home but you don’t want to sweat and spend too much time to put the things in order or to dust furniture and to scrub floors? There are a couple of “fast” ideas you can use.

  • Add a piece of art: if you want just to refresh the atmosphere of your place you can add some artwork here and there – a vase with flowers or a couple of plates, some decorative pillows or series of pictures can give totally different look. Be creative! Choose a style and dive in it, no matter if we talk for 50’s glamour or belle époque charm.

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The first four “moves” in your new home

Moving in a new homeWhen you move to a new house, you usually face a bunch of problems – pasting tubes, insulation, siding, flooring, painting and etc. You need to decide which room will be a kitchen or a bedroom and so on… Small homes, for example, require some changes in order to be more comfortable and functional. What “moves”, however, need to be taken? According to us, it’s best for you to follow this scheme:

  • Step one – building works. This includes uniting balconies with rooms, pushing walls, removing redundant halls and etc. Be careful with the demolition of the walls, check which of them must remain mandatory. Or maybe you prefer to turn the house into a huge space with separate areas? To obtain such a separation, create different levels – for seating, for recreation, for eating. You can add screens, curtains, sliding doors;

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Making your husband clean – the hardest cleaning chore

Make your husband cleanIn an experiment or an inquiry what the hardest cleaning job is, the answers must be very different and various. Some housewives will point hard floor polishing, because usually it can’t be done with a simple DIY project and professional company is needed. Others will tell you that bathroom disinfection and scrubbing the toilet seat are so revolting tasks that they actually become the hardest, too! Mattresses sanitising and windows cleaning from the outside aren’t easy housekeeping chores, either! However, you may forget one very substantial and very difficult task – making your husband clean and assist you in mopping, wiping and stain removal! To tell you the truth, this household chore sounds more an impossible than a harsh one. Though, if you play your cards well, you may eventually succeed in convincing your better half to be your partner in house sanitising, as well! See some good and sly tips for this task: Continue reading

Tools for summer cleaning you must have

Tools for summer cleaningSummer is finally here and you may finally start arranging your future exciting vacation. A great holiday on a luxury beach side or an extreme mountain trip sound awesome, but you should admit that staying at home and doing absolutely nothing is not good at all, either! In case you are one of those people, who are really keen on being lazy and spending the entire leisure time they have in walking around the living area, some good ideas and tips may be really useful for you. Unfortunately, these ideas are connected with overall and deep seasonal cleaning at home. Indeed, it may sound too unpleasant and boring for a summertime experience. Though, accept it as a preparation for a long home stay with your remote in one hand, and your favorite homemade cocktail in the other. Continue reading

10 Steps to improve your bathroom

Improve the bathroomBathroom organisation, maintenance and decorating may become very hard tasks. If you do not know what to start with or just simply wonder how to achieve a better bathroom, use our simple tips. Low-cost and very efficient, they will give you the stylish bathroom you have ever wanted. Here are the 10 steps to improve your bathroom:

  • Find the perfect storage solutions. The best way to do this is to keep all the related items at one place. For instance, make a huge hanger for all the towels and install an extra compact shelve or cabinets for your cosmetic stuff.

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