If you have talent, paint on your ceiling

Paint on your ceilingCeiling is important for the overall look of your place. Attention of the owners is usually focused on the walls and their style. While ceiling can be the centre of attention. Most people paint their ceiling with white or pale colour. But this big space can be used to express owner’s artistry! Check out our tips in this line of thoughts:

  • Type of ceiling

There are two types of ceilings: textured and flat. The first one can’t be painted by you. Spray materials should be used and only licensed professionals can do it. If your ceiling is flat, you can paint it by yourself.

  • Paint

There is special paint for ceilings that has the perfect viscosity for the purpose. Viscosity is important, because you don’t want your paint to start dripping on the floor.

  • Colour

What exactly you are going to paint on your ceiling depends on you. But you have to make sure that the main theme is fitting the style of the place. Everything should be synchronised. We advise you to keep that main theme of the ceiling as brighter as possible. Pale colours have better reflective properties.

  • Painting itself

Painting on the ceiling is not like painting on a canvas. First of all, you’ll have to lay at least two layers of paint. But we advise you to make them at least three. When you start painting a layer you shouldn’t stop. If you stop the paint won’t dry evenly. This will make your work to look very messy. So probably it’s a good idea first to use a marker. Draw the contours of your work. And later start with paint. Wait for it to dry, and see how have the colours changed. This way, by applying the next layer you will know where to focus. This is the moment to show your perfectionism! Do you live in a new house? If so, you may have noticed how after builders cleaners fixed the mess. They use special cleaning detergents that may not be found in the supermarket.

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