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Home interior mistakes according to Feng Shui

Home interior mistakes according to Feng ShuiEven if you have followed the Feng Shui advice for proper circulation of energy in your home, there are some details of the interior, which certainly are not in place. The reason for this is that sometimes, carried away by trends of modern home furnishings, we somehow fail to create the desired atmosphere. In the same time you destroy the harmony that you so persistently try to achieve. That is why we have to make immediate changes in the interior of your home, to correct the most common mistakes according to the principles of Feng Shui. Read carefully the lines below: Continue reading

You’re in bad company – 3 warning signs

Signs you are in bad companyIn our lives it’s extremely important who we choose to surround ourselves with. It’s true that at times, it’s luck, who controls who enters into our life, but it depends on us to decide who we will let stay there. Undoubtedly you should surround yourself with individuals that make you a better person. Sometimes we make the mistake to stay in bad company. Therefore, we have gathered some important signs, that will help you to recognise the presence of the latter:   Continue reading

4 wonderful ways to surprise a friend

4 wonderful ways to surprise a friendEvery woman has at least one best friend. People share their happy and sad moments with their best pals. It’s great to have a good friend to spend some time with after a hard day at work; to work out together; to gossip; to ask for a piece of advice. Have you ever made a lovely surprise to your fellow without a special occasion? If not, check out some original suggestions for great surprises: Continue reading

Cold season survival guide

Cold season survival guideWinter is the season for cozy nights by the fireplace, for cheer and memory making. This is the positive part. Unfortunately, there is also a negative side, caused by the changes in weather, the low temperatures and the frosty wind. These factors influence our health and you have to be aware how to protect yourself and to use them in  your advantage. Continue reading

The biggest advantages about getting older

The biggest advantages about getting olderDo you remember the time when you were really happy to celebrate your birthday and to grow up with one more year? Maybe now it’s not the same thing. But wait a second! Midlife can be just as satisfying as the first half of life, perhaps even more. In this article you can find some irrefutable evidence, that getting older is sometimes a good thing:

  • With midlife you can welcome the upcoming inner peace.

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How to organise an exciting, improvised trip?

How to organise an exciting, improvised trip?Do you love adventures? What about journeys around the world? Actually there are people, that are addicted to trips. In this article, we have gathered some of their hacks, which help them to enjoy a wonderful and spectacular travelling. Read carefully and keep all these tips in mind:

  • Great discounts are sometimes offered for one-way trips. This fact must not make you backtrack. You can search a ticket to return from another city or even neighboring country. Nowadays there are high speed trains, that will help you reach the desired point just in a few hours.

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4 cool facts about dads

4 cool facts about dadsThere is no doubt, that both the mother and the father play essential role in child’s life. They work together for one purpose – to raise an educated, confident and responsible person. It’s just wonderful when children live in harmony with both parents. In this article, we have gathered some interesting and cool facts about dads. Check them out right now: Continue reading

Holidays smell so good – here is the scientific explanation

Holidays smell so good What is the aroma of winter holidays? Do you already feel fresh-baked cookies and smell of pine? It turns out that these fragrances are not only a pleasure for the nose, but they have beneficial influence on your health. Stop for a while and take a deep breath! In the stores, wonderful aromas are spread. In your home, all the desserts, the pine and the oranges provide a lovely scent. Check out why these smells are making wonders for your brain and body! Continue reading

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