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How to attract good things to happen in your life

How to attract good things in your lifeEnergy appears itself into a lot of different forms. It is an ever vibrating mass. And the best  Law of Attraction is: “like attracts like.” Try to get your mind around that concept, after that everything shouldn’t be so tough.

* Try to realise that thought could be energy. Having god and positive thought creates energy vibrations that go from one frequency to another. This is transmitting good all around and subsequently attracting good and positive energy. When a thought is and actually desired thing, then it is supported by a corresponding emotion. Continue reading

Brown rice – the diamond of grains

Health benefits of brown riceRice helps us to be more healthy. Besides fibers, it is very rich in selenium. And selenium is the one which eliminates stress and helps thyroid and it is useful in the prevention of cancers. This mineral also helps in heart disease, as well as in rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more about the benefits of brown rice: Continue reading

Dangers from regular sleep deprivation

Regular sleep deprivationEverybody knows that sleep means health and energy, so it’s very important to get enough sleep. Check out what dangers the lack of sleep hides and take the necessary measures.

# Sleep deprivation results in increased anxiety and even depression.

# Even if it looks strange, systematic lack of sleep leads to gaining weight. Blood pressure is increased and diabetes may be provoked. The reason is that the body produces more insulin in chronic sleep deprivation, because blood glucose increases from the inability to be fully utilized. Excess insulin leads to accumulation of fat and from there the road to obesity and hypertension becomes quite direct. Impaired glucose tolerance, which is consequence of sleep loss, is a precursor to diabetes. Continue reading

How to install folding doors

Installing folding doorsIt is really good to have a big house. There is enough space for everything and for everyone. It is good to have space for all of your stuff and things that you love. Usually, it is a common understanding that the overstuffed places are really not a good looking thing. And also, you know that according to Feng Shui, you need to throw away all the things and all the clothes you have not used or worn in the last 2 years. It is just that they accumulate negative energy which we all know you do not need. Continue reading

7 ways to find out what people actually are

7 ways to find out what people actually areCan you imagine a world without lies? Try and think mostly about how much you will lose or how we will win if we cease to deceive one another. Let us put it elegantly – roles we play every day, and some do it so well, it is impossible to understand their true nature. It’s necessary to find what people really are, especially if your intuition tells you to be careful with a person of your environment. Include all sensors, analyze and make your findings. Here are some proven tips which will help you. Continue reading

The most wonderful ways to surprise your man for Valentine’s Day

The most wonderful ways to surprise your man for Valentine's Day Looking for unique and catchy ways to surprise your man for Valentine’s Day? Already done a bunch of commonly used tricks such as hot lingerie, romantic dinner on candle lights and chocolate hearts. You want to be different this time? Well here below are some great options for a nice Valentine’s day surprise. Continue reading

Moving out – top 5 hacks

Moving out - top 5 hacksMoving to a new home is a huge challenge for both your nerves and your organisational skills. There are so many details to arrange. Meanwhile all the other obligations as work and family are still waiting for your attention. Actually, you can cope with this stressful situation if you follow some rules. Check out these top 5 hacks for smooth and hassle-free removal:

  • Packing your baggage. Here the key factor is organisation. Get yourself some boxes, old newspapers and bags. Then start packing stuff room by room. On each box you can write with marker the main things it contains. In addition you can also attach a colored label to mark boxes of every room. For example – blue label for the bathroom, red for the kitchen, green label for the living room, etc.

Continue reading

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