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Enjoy listening these Christmas songs of all time!

Enjoy listening these Christmas songs of all time!One thing is guaranteed – once you get into December, Christmas songs are inescapable. They are played everywhere – department stores; ice rinks; live events; tv ads; Christmas movies; shops all around the city. They may be even sung by that smiled dancing Santa you already wish you’d never bought to your kid. Resistance is redundant, Christmas music is literally at every step. In this article, we’ll try to list you some of these songs, that have become evergreens. Download these chants in order to find your favourite track: Continue reading

Edward Scissorhands – spectacular dance and music performance

Edward Scissorhands - spectacular dance and music performanceLondon is famous with its cultural life, everybody knows that. Every single day, there are so many shows, musicals, theatre plays, ballets, that there is no way to be bored, that is guaranteed. The time around Christmas holidays is even more saturated with amazing show programs. In this article, we have picked for you a delightful dance adaptation, called “Edward Scissorhands”. Check out some more detailed information! Continue reading

Winter is coming, make your home cozier

Winter is coming, make your home cozier It’s almost winter and you need to make home improvements? Concentrate on a fireplace image and see what you can do to transfer part of its coziness right in front of you.

    • Keep the cold outside. Start with the drafts from the door. Use draft stopper to put behind the door. It looks like snake that has swallowed rolled carpet. You can find them in the stores in different patterns. There are also special ones for children’s room – with animal head in the end and matching “body” coloration.

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7 motivating reasons to start doing sports

Start doing sportSport is a great way to tone your body and raise your mood. We have prepared 7 reasons why it’s good for you to start doing sports right now. So get motivated because:

  • Sport reduces stress – one of the best ways of dealing with stress is sport. For example, when running in the park, you may relax and stop thinking about everyday problems;

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Are you DIY-master?

Are you DIY-masterWho was the first DIY-master? Have you ever wondered about it? And do we have to take it like something very special when someone decides to build something on their own? Our ancestors have no other choice but to do everything on their own, so why it is so amazing today? Do you have the traits or the will to become DIY master? See for yourself what’s needed. Continue reading

Hot drinks for the cold weather

Hot drinks for the cold weatherThe best medicines for cold weather remain warm drinks – healthy, recreational and so aromatic. Warm drinks even get people closer! Don’t miss your daily “dose” of them early in the morning or after a tough day at work:

  • Tea – a variety of types. Tea is a beverage, known since ancient times. Different types are being used for different purposes. Hot black tea contains substances that lower cholesterol, and help with diets, but only when it’s without additives. Peppermint tea possesses antiviral action. If you want to relax after a hard working day, drink a cup of Chamomile tea. Except that tea eliminates stress and tension, it is an enemy of the microbes.

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How to find the hidden talent of your child

How to find the hidden talent of your childHow old is your child? If he or she is between 3 and 5 years old, then that’s the perfect time to find the hidden talent of your little fellow. Some kids show interests in music or painting and other – in sport or art. Fortunately, if it turns out that some kids are not just interested in things, but that’s a good sign enough that they’re talented. Continue reading

Housekeeping helps you quit smoking

Quit smokingAbout 50% of people’s initial attempts to quit smoking end up with failure. There are numerous explanations about this regularity. Some of them are weak will, lack of motivation, too dynamic and nervous lifestyle and etc. It also turned out that women tend to fail in quitting smoking more often than males. Fortunately, you have us – our best housekeeping and housewives’ tips for better living. Wondering how exactly we and our household subjects can help you? Well, as a matter of fact, housekeeping helps you quit smoking. See how: Continue reading

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