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Repairs required – damage caused by landlord

Repairs requiredAs any other flat or apartment, a rented property might get damages, defects or some break-downs. There is nothing eternal in life, so your own home places – including, when you rent it – might cause you some worries. Of course, in this way you need to consider making repairs. Though, the special thing about the rented properties is that the repairs might be perfectly done. Eventually, it could be difficult to consider who needs to bear the penalty from the bad job. See more details about this issue, when it comes to damages, which your landlord is guilty about:

  • The repair might be done even before you have moved into the house. Any landlord, who had preferred to deal with a broken window or with some leaks by his own, takes the responsibility on mandatory. It could be quite difficult for you to prove your landlord’s guilt. That is why it is very important to be very careful during the inventory check before moving in.

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How to create the ultimate ‘homework station’ for your kids

Homework stationMany interior designers claim that the kid’s room should be in the same style you have chosen for the entire home. But as the child grows and changes, so his/her room must undergo some changes, too.  For example, when he/she is already a student, you should organise a ‘homework station’. Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate one: Continue reading

Would you choose jet black for your home interior?

Black accents in your home interiorMost commonly, the black colour is associated with darkness, fear, depression, etc. But that is not the right point of view! Black can cause positive emotions as well. The most important is its rational use, as well as the correct combining with other colours. Would you choose jet black for your home interior? If yes, then take a look at our pieces of advice: Continue reading

Prepare your house before the pest control visit

Prepare your house before the pest control visitAn invasion of cockroaches, ants or other home bugs might become a real nightmare. Sometimes the eco-friendly and homemade recipes against pests aren’t enough. The bugs have just become too many and too nasty! Dealing with them is hard, but reconciling with them isn’t healthy at all. Home bugs disturb the domestic hygiene, bring bacteria and shame to call your friends for a visit. Isn’t it so? The only thing what has left for you as a solution is calling a professional pest control company. Before receiving them in your house, though, you will need to make some quick preparation in advance. See how to prepare the house before the pest control visit: Continue reading

Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues

Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issuesKeeping your exterior horrible and skipping all the patio problems are top mistakes we do every day. And it is so easy to prove it! Just take a walk among your home town street and see the lawn of your neighbours! Then, see your own grass condition. Are you sure it is ok? Don’t you think that it is high time for you to deal with the lawn problems you have? For this purpose, see the following efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues: Continue reading

The sink shape – how to combine it correctly with the interior

The sink shape – how to combine it correctly with the interiorWhen it comes to the sink choice, the very first question you need to ask yourself is where you are going to install it! It could be a glamorous bathroom sink with a stunning design, or a super practical kitchen sink that will ease your home cooking experience. Meanwhile, picking up a sink isn’t as easy and fast as you think! There are lots of features and issues you need to consider beforehand. Though, when the top priority for you is the mix match task – or choosing the suitable for your interior design sink – you will mostly have to consider the shape! Continue reading

London Garments Expo – enjoy the best fashion event for 2014

London Garments Expo 2014London is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. That’s why it won’t be too much to say that London Garments Expo is one of the best trade shows ever! We have good news: it is back to the British capital again, for fourth year! Here are some details about it:

  • In general, London Garments Expo is an annual international exhibition for the garments and fashion industry. Who will be exhibiting? Well, that impressive show is open for different kind of professionals: manufacturers, distributors, designers, stylists, stock-lot and textile suppliers, fabric and textile producers. Undoubtedly, London Garments Expo is a great opportunity for them to gain a competitive position in the UK market. The event is a perfect place for sharing and developing business ideas. You must agree that having new and fresh ideas is the ‘engine’ of success;

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Optimal usage of your home space

Optimal usage of your home spaceIf you would like to achieve optimal usage of your home space in a simple way, then this article is for you. We have selected some clever interior solutions, which may come in handy – check them out:

  • Avoid everything that is too much, for instance, huge sofas decorated with large pillows. You might like them but still, there is furniture that is beautiful and multifunctional and at the same time occupies less space;

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The meaning behind your home wall colour

The meaning behind your home wall colourAny colour in the world has its own symbolical meaning. With your personal choice of some shade you actually declare a particular thought, you describe your dreams or you simply report your present mood. So, let’s see the meaning behind your home wall colour. It definitely says lots things about you – even things you couldn’t imagine!

– Red. This colour raises the premise energy by all means. With it, you can easily create an exciting, attractive and fascinating living space. Probably, you are a passionate person, who runs away from boredom and keeps looking for the unknown! Continue reading

How to use the ladder in the interior design?

Ladder decorating ideasContemporary interior design ideas adopt different weird things to make your home more attractive, artistic and original. We have come up on some really fascinating, decorating ideas that involve real ladders. Some of them, on other side, are quite practical to be used since they give you an extra storage solution, too.

See how to use the ladder in the interior design and get more of your interior – make it look like a home of a really creative person. Besides, these tips will help you put the ladder somewhere at home – in an adequate way – without wondering how to accommodate all your things in a small living space: Continue reading