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Safety tips for window cleaning

Safety tips for window cleaningThere are so many housekeepers across the entire world, who prefer to wash and tidy up at home on their own – without using extra pro help and without even relying on experts. Well, there is nothing bad in this. On the contrary – there is something extra nice and attractive in the living modesty in this so high-tech world. Though, there are yet things a housekeeper should follow according to the experts’ recommendations – the safety tips! Without them, they may injure themselves or damage some house item. Speaking of these, see our pro safety tips for window cleaning, because they are really important and essential: Continue reading

The carpet – a friend or foe?

The carpet – a friend or foeCarpets are as traditional and regular for home as the furniture. Very few of today’s modern and modest living spaces are with no rugs. No matter how hard some interior designer keeps saying us that carpets are old-fashioned, this is yet everything else, but not the real truth. As a matter of fact, carpets might be always on fashion. The point is, though – whether the carpet is a friend, or foe. Which is more – the benefits or the shortcomings? Find out now, because every story has its two sides, doesn’t it?

  • A friend, because carpet just looks great! No one can actually disagree that a rug can change the entire interior design. We should agree with this – carpet is really friendly, when it comes to redecorating, too.

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Cool breeze in domestic conditions

Cool breeze in domestic conditionsWhen the summer comes everybody starts to search two things: cool and shady place and even cooler drink. How can you get the vital cooling? Some of the usual solutions are air conditioner, northern room or vocational escape. One a bit old fashioned but efficient decision is to get an electric fan. What are the main factors in that purchase and are there underwater rocks?

– How big? Bigger ones make stronger wind but depending on the size of the room that you want to cool, some can be too big. You don’t want stiffed neck and headache in the middle of this hot season.

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Backpack cleaning supplies for a back up

Backpack cleaning suppliesOk, you might be not the most assiduous housekeeper of all times, but at least you need to be finely equipped for all kinds of situations. This may be quite enough, as a matter of fact, and you will be able to maintain a decent and neat living space. You will be able to react if a stain occurs and you will have enough tools to reduce the mess, when the tidying up process has been recently postponed. Though, for this purpose you need a backpack cleaning supplies for a backup. See what to place in it: Continue reading

Saving space through organising

Saving space at homeOften we have problems storing our “material history”. The piles of books, clothes, CD’s, pictures, postcards usually don’t get smaller in time, just the opposite indeed. No matter how big is our home, some more storage space is always welcome. How to find it without taking down walls?

  • Look around you for empty angle – although it may seem useless there are many things you can do with it. Special pieces of furniture are designed for these parts of the room – angle closets, cabinets and so on. If you don’t think to refurnish you can put plant, vase or standard lamp. All depends on the space and what you need in the room.

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Fast home improvements

Home improvementHave you ever been in that place when you want to do something to feel better in your home but you don’t want to sweat and spend too much time to put the things in order or to dust furniture and to scrub floors? There are a couple of “fast” ideas you can use.

  • Add a piece of art: if you want just to refresh the atmosphere of your place you can add some artwork here and there – a vase with flowers or a couple of plates, some decorative pillows or series of pictures can give totally different look. Be creative! Choose a style and dive in it, no matter if we talk for 50’s glamour or belle époque charm.

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Making your husband clean – the hardest cleaning chore

Make your husband cleanIn an experiment or an inquiry what the hardest cleaning job is, the answers must be very different and various. Some housewives will point hard floor polishing, because usually it can’t be done with a simple DIY project and professional company is needed. Others will tell you that bathroom disinfection and scrubbing the toilet seat are so revolting tasks that they actually become the hardest, too! Mattresses sanitising and windows cleaning from the outside aren’t easy housekeeping chores, either! However, you may forget one very substantial and very difficult task – making your husband clean and assist you in mopping, wiping and stain removal! To tell you the truth, this household chore sounds more an impossible than a harsh one. Though, if you play your cards well, you may eventually succeed in convincing your better half to be your partner in house sanitising, as well! See some good and sly tips for this task: Continue reading

5 useful ideas for the small garage

Useful ideas for small garageMany people want to use their garage not only for a ‘house’ for the family car, but also some personal items and tools. The problem is that the space is not always enough. We offer you 5 useful ideas for the small garage:

  • Use the walls for maximum – hangers, shelves, strips, all of them can do a perfect job in the small garage, because they will easily collect all your belongings without tying up the space, intended for the car. If you can, place cork all over the wall so you can use the whole area for hanging things;

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Pets and perfectly clean house – mission possible

Pets at homeOnce you have any pets at home, they become part of the family, for sure. However, sometimes they turn the house upside down and that requires something to be done urgently. Here are some useful tips for a perfectly clean home:

  • Get special features – specify a corner where the cat or the dog to sleep. Monitor your pet and see where it goes most often to have rest. So place there a basket with cushion or small mat – so you not only ‘define’ its own place but also restrict the perimeter for eyebrow uprooting of hairs;

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Come to the exquisite London Wine Week

London wine weekDo you remember the last London Cocktail Week? Did you have great time and a lot of fun and positive emotions? Well, get ready for another similar adventure with the brilliant tastes of drinks, big crowds of nice people and of course, wonderful atmosphere to relax and have some really pleasant time. The team behind the London Cocktail Week invites you to the exquisite London Wine Week! Come and join one of the most exciting and fascinating events in London for the summer season during June. See more details about it: Continue reading